Happy Holidays,
I will be taking some time off to travel and
spend time with family and friends.
For this reason, my web site will be
shut down until after the first of the year.
If you do order something, please be aware
that it may not be seen until the new year.
Thanks again and enjoy the holidays.




Hello, my name is
Many of you know me as
Madam Carolyn,
the name that I use at the Renaissance Festivals
 that I do.
I am a Psychic Palmist, a Tarot Reader, and a
Crystal Ball Reader. 
I hope that you will enjoy my site.
Click on the "
enter" below or one of the links to the left
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Carolyn has a new children's book
Harriet and the Low-down, No-good Dragon

Available in my store along side my Palmistry Book
Psychic PalmistryRevealed By Madam Carolyn